Hepi Nyu Yeh!

Complaints of the season. I never got around to posting in December so I’ll just start from there.

On the 10th of December we had WordCamp Harare 2016. An event for anyone interested in blogging, web design and development, ecommerce and just about anything you can do on the internet. I was a speaker at WordCamp Harare which was an honour as we had an impressive selection of speakers. All our presentations were recorded and you can watch them on WordPress TV

Shortly after WordCamp my internet subscription ran out and it being a slow month in a really slow year I couldn’t afford to resubscribe. Which was bad timing because I was still high on motivation from WordCamp. I was lucky enough to follow some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) advice from Trust Nhokovedzo before I lost my connection. Trust’s presentation on SEO was by far my favorite and it’s no wonder his site, http://calmlock.co.zw ranks high on SEO companies in zimbabwe.

On the second of January we had a small WordPress meetup with Thabo Tswana, Ngoni Mhuruyengwe and a couple of other guys. We talked about a lot but the main topic was the fact that the meetup group has dropped a lot of bloggers. I honestly don’t blame the bloggers because developers can get carried away with their techno bable and stifle others. So one of our main resolutions will be to get more blogging members because as much as we can make websites, they’re empty without the content creators.

Beaton’s already got a head start and has called for guest posts to his blog, so I’ll do the same. My blog’s still young and I’m still trying to figure out what it will be about so whatever post ideas you have, they’ll fit in! It would be an honour to host your post!

We’re already into the first full working week after holidays; so 2017 has begun in earnest. Don’t let the daily grind wear you down, it’s gonna be a great year!



Published by Nigel M Rodgers

Terrible taste in background images My blogs: mwanavhu.wordpress.com wpsimba.wordpress.com My wordpress.org profile: profiles.wordpress.org/rodgersnigel Websites: https://divimade.com https://nziyo.com Twitter: @mwanavhu

One thought on “Hepi Nyu Yeh!

  1. January feels so much like the Monday of the year still trying to get back into the spirit of things and it doesnt help that regulatory authorities doing pricing reviews for the price of the internet that doesnt sound good at all, because without internet, I don even want to imagine would happen….
    hahahaha and boy do you developers or is designers and or both do get carried away with php and the only python I know is the snake ad I dont like snakes most likely cause of their lack of limbs ….
    anyhoo thanks for the mention let me check out my schedule and might hand you my guest post
    Cheers and all the best for 2017

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